Rowena House - Executive Director of the Nunavut Arts and Crafts Association

Rowena was born and raised in Happy Valley- Goose Bay in Labrador. She left in 1995 to work with the Northwest Company. In her working career with Northwest she traveled to many destinations throughout Northern Ontario, Northern Quebec as well as Labrador and most ended up in Nunavut in 2003 as a senior carving buyer in Cape Dorset Nunavut. In this post she had a task of buying up to a million dollars of art a year from that one specific community.   She started with Nunavut Arts and Crafts Association in April of 2009 and has worked on many projects since then. Most noteworthy would be her work with the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics’, where she assisted the Government of Nunavut in having 11 visual artists from Nunavut present at Canada’s Northern House Pavilion.  She also worked with each of these artists to help develop their profile and assisted them in securing marketing material.  Since then she has lead the organization to continued growth from 1 staff in 2009 to a staff of 5 and an annual operating budget of 1.1 million per year.   Just recently she was present at a reception in Toronto  to accept the Prime Ministers Volunteer Award  on behalf of the organization for their social innovation in finding new ways to support artists in becoming more economically viable businesses. 

Justin Ford - Operations Manager

Justin Ford has been with the organization for 2 years.