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Exploring Baffin Island

Exploring Baffin Island
Exploring Baffin Island

Baffin Island’s history is a fascinating one to explore because of its unique setting and history.

Situated in the Canadian Arctic on the northern shoreline of Nunavut, the hamlet dates back to 1725 when it was first inhabited by hunters, fishermen and traders. The Inuit later came to live and thrive in Baffin Island, creating a vibrant cultural community.

With its spectacular landscapes and stunning scenery, Baffin Island is an ideal location for a wide variety of activities including hiking, camping, biking, wildlife adventures, bird-watching, fishing, boating, among other

The Arctic National Wildlife Sanctuary offers visitors a view of wildlife including polar bears, grizzly bears, caribou, walrus, seals, orcas, and many species of birds.

Baffin Island is located in the northern part of Nunavut near the border with Canada. The island is located in a large basin that includes the Arctic National Wildlife Sanctuary and the Arctic Bay. Inside the Arctic Bay, visitors can explore the Arctic Forest and the famous “polar highway.” There are a number of places to stay while visiting Baffin Island including campsites.

The island also features a number of shopping opportunities and a handful of restaurants. Baffin Island is located within the Arctic National Wildlife Sanctuary, an international wildlife sanctuary created in 1988 to preserve and protect the wildlife that lives in, or passes through the Arctic National Wildlife Sanctuary.

It is important to remember that some of these tours are not meant to be all-inclusive adventure trips. Guests must pay entrance fees to the Arctic National Wildlife Reserves, Arctic Bay, the Arctic Memorial Museum, and the Arctic Heritage Centre.

The Arctic Memorial Museum contains an extensive collection of Arctic artifacts including traditional clothing and caribou skin crafts.

The Arctic Bay is a vast and breathtaking natural environment.

Guests can explore the waters by kayak or explore the shores by foot or horseback. Guests who prefer a boat trip can choose from kayak, ferryboat, cruise, or seaplane. There are plenty of places to explore on the island by land as well. There are a number of attractions and sites to visit including the Baffin Island Museum, the Baffin Crater, Fort Chipewyan, the Baffin House, the Arctic Bay Cultural Village and the Arctic Heritage Centre.

The Alaska Museum is a museum with exhibits about Alaska’s wildlife and ecology, the Alaskan wilderness, and American history.